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How to add a column in Excel?


Hi, everybody! I hope you’re all well. This post is a part of the frequently asked question for beginner in Excel.
We gonna see together how to add columns inside a table in Excel.

Methods to add columns in Excel

There are two ways to do this.

First Method

The first way, is if you want to add a new column on the right , which is very simple.
In this case, you simply move to the bottom right corner of your table. You see that your little cursor changes shape and then you simply add a column on the right as many as you want.

First method to add a column in Excel

First method to add a column in Excel

Second Method

Now, if you want to add a column in the middle of a table, well, what you have to do is just click on that column , it means that the column I’m going to add now, it’s going to be added to the left of this one.
So I click on the right box¬† where I want my column to be added. After that, I just go to <HOME> menu and click “Insert”.A little drop-down pane will be opened and select “Insert Table Columns to the left”.

Second method to add a column in Excel

Second method to add a column in Excel

I click on it and you see that I have a new column inserted to the left of the box I had selected.

How to delete a column in Excel?

Well, it’s pretty much the same thing. I select a box in the column that I want to delete. Go to the <HOME> menu and click “Delete” options and select “Delete Table Columns”.

I will also quickly delete the column and I can even do several at once. If I select 3 columns here, I can have the columns removed from the sheet and I will have all 3 columns removed at once.
So now you know how to add or delete columns in Excel ?

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