Excel Function : IMCSC

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Excel Function : IMCSC




Returns the cosecant of a complex number

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Syntax and Description of the IMCSC Excel Function

The syntax for the IMCSC function in Microsoft Excel is: =IMCSC(value, decimals, [comma_separator]) Arguments value - The number to convert. decimals - The number of decimal places to include in the result. comma_separator - Optional. A logical value that specifies whether to use a comma as a decimal separator. If omitted, the comma_separator argument is assumed to be FALSE. Notes The IMCSC function was introduced in Excel 2013. The IMCSC function is only available in Office 365 and Excel 2013 or later. The IMCSC function converts a

About IMCSC Excel Function

IMCSC(x, y, z) The IMCSC function returns the imaginary cosecant of x, y, and z.