Excel Function : CUBEMEMBER

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Excel Function : CUBEMEMBER




Returns a member or tuple in a cube hierarchy. Use to validate that the member or tuple exists in the cube.

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Syntax and Description of the CUBEMEMBER Excel Function

I'm trying to use the CUBEMEMBER function in Excel. It seems like the syntax should be pretty straightforward, but it's not working for me. I think that the first two arguments are not getting recognized as valid. I'm using Excel 2010. The cube is called "Budget" and the connection is to a local cube (not SSAS). The cube has two dimensions: "Budget" and "Fiscal Year." The cube has one measure, "Amount." I want to get the value of the "Amount" measure for the "Budget" dimension member "Operating Budget" and the "Fiscal Year" dimension member "2015." I tried this:

About CUBEMEMBER Excel Function

CUBEMEMBER returns a member of a cube, given its name. Syntax: CUBEMEMBER(cube_name, member_name) cube_name - The name of the cube. member_name - The name of the cube member.