Excel Function : CUBESETCOUNT

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Excel Function : CUBESETCOUNT




Returns the number of items in a set.

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Syntax and Description of the CUBESETCOUNT Excel Function

I am trying to use the CUBESETCOUNT function in Excel, but the syntax is confusing me. I have a pivot table that has a few dimensions, say "Region", "City", and "Store". I want to count the number of stores in a city that have sales in a particular region. If I use a normal pivot table, then this would be easy to do, but I need to be able to do this in a formula, for some automation purposes. The CUBESETCOUNT documentation says that it takes a CubeSet as the first argument. I know that a CubeSet is just a set of data that has been filtered. What I don't understand is how

About CUBESETCOUNT Excel Function

CUBESETCOUNT returns the number of members in a set. Syntax: CUBESETCOUNT(set_name) Arguments set_name - The name of the set.