Excel Function : FVSCHEDULE

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Excel Function : FVSCHEDULE




Returns the future value of an initial principal after applying a series of compound interest rates

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Syntax and Description of the FVSCHEDULE Excel Function

I am looking for the syntax of the FVSCHEDULE function in Excel 2016. I have tried FVSCHEDULE( rate, nper, value, type, guess) but I get the #NAME? error. I have seen that it was implemented in Excel 2016, but I can't find the syntax anywhere. A: There is no such function in Excel 2016. I checked the list of functions in Excel 2016, which you can access by typing = in a cell and then selecting the Insert Function option from the menu, and

About FVSCHEDULE Excel Function

FVSCHEDULE(principal, schedule) The FVSCHEDULE function returns the future value of an investment based on a periodic, constant interest rate.