Excel Function : HEX2OCT

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Excel Function : HEX2OCT




Converts a hexadecimal number to octal

Microsoft Excel Reference Page


Syntax and Description of the HEX2OCT Excel Function

The syntax for the HEX2OCT function in Microsoft Excel is: HEX2OCT( number, [places] ) Arguments Number The hexadecimal number that you want to convert to octal. This number can be up to 10 characters long. Places (Optional) The number of digits that you want in the octal representation of number.

About HEX2OCT Excel Function

The HEX2OCT function syntax has the following arguments: Number Required. The value in hexadecimal that you want to convert. Places Optional. The number of characters that you want HEX2OCT to return. The HEX2OCT function converts a hexadecimal number to octal. The number that you want to convert must be a value from 0 to 17,777,215.