Excel Function : TEXT

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Excel Function : TEXT




Formats a number and converts it to text

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Syntax and Description of the TEXT Excel Function

- Stack Overflow I have a function in excel that looks like this: =if(A5=5,C5,"") Is it possible to change the 5 in A5 to be a variable? I want to make it something like this: =if(A5=VARIABLE,C5,"") Is this possible? A: To make a VARIABLE that can be used in a worksheet cell, use a named range. In the worksheet, select the cell you want to name. Choose Formulas → Name Manager → New.

About TEXT Excel Function

The TEXT function in Excel converts a value to text in a specific number format. The TEXT function is useful for displaying numbers in a specific number of decimal places, or for displaying numbers in a currency format. The TEXT function can also be used to concatenate text strings.