Excel Function : BITXOR

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Excel Function : BITXOR




Returns a bitwise 'Exclusive Or' of two numbers

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Syntax and Description of the BITXOR Excel Function

in php I'm trying to convert a excel formula to php but I don't know what is the php equivalent of the BITXOR function, because I need to convert this formula: =SUM((A1:A3)*(B1:B3))+(MOD((A1:A3),2))*(C1:C3) to php. =SUM((A1:A3)*(B1:B3))+BITXOR((A1:A3),2)*(C1:C3) How can I do that? A: If I understand correctly,

About BITXOR Excel Function

The BITXOR function returns the bitwise exclusive or of two numbers. The bitwise exclusive or operator performs a bitwise exclusive or operation on two numeric values. A bitwise exclusive or operation compares corresponding bits in two numeric values, and if they are different, the corresponding result bit is set to 1. If they are the same, the corresponding result bit is set to 0.