Excel Function : AGGREGATE

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Excel Function : AGGREGATE


Math and trigonometry


Returns an aggregate in a list or database

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Syntax and Description of the AGGREGATE Excel Function

: =AGGREGATE(14,6,A2:L2/((A2:L2<>A2:L2)+A2:L2),1) Note that this will return #DIV/0! if any of the cells in the range A2:L2 is blank.

About AGGREGATE Excel Function

The AGGREGATE function returns a numeric aggregate value from a list or array of values. AGGREGATE has the following arguments: function_num - Required. The number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 that specifies the function to use to aggregate values. The following table lists the functions that you can specify and what they do. options - Optional. A number or text value that specifies options for the function_num argument. ignore_error - Required. A number, reference, or text constant that specifies whether to ignore errors. If the ignore_error argument is a reference, it must refer to a cell or range of cells that contain numbers, logical values