Excel Function : DEC2BIN

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Excel Function : DEC2BIN




Converts a decimal number to binary

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Syntax and Description of the DEC2BIN Excel Function

I am trying to convert a decimal number to a binary number in excel using the DEC2BIN function. However, I am getting a syntax error that says "too few arguments." What is the correct syntax for this function? A: The syntax of DEC2BIN is =DEC2BIN(decimal_number, [number_of_bits]) where decimal_number is a decimal number between -512 and 511 and number_of_bits is an optional argument between 1 and 10. You have left out the decimal_number

About DEC2BIN Excel Function

The DEC2BIN function converts a decimal number to binary. The number must be between -512 and 511. The number can be entered as a decimal, hexadecimal, octal, or binary number. The number can also be a cell reference.