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Most Used Excel Shortcuts keys

Hello Excel people we continue with our tutorials about Excel basics and learning easy tips and tricks to improve your efficiency and save your time using Excel.

In this short Tutorial we gonna list most used Excel shortcuts keys for Mac and Windows System:

  1. Excel shortcuts new sheet
    PC Mac
  2. Excel Shortcuts insert Row
    PC Mac

    Check this tutorial to learn more in How to insert a row in Excel with shortcuts?

  3. Excel shortcuts edit Cell
    PC Mac
    F2 Ctrl+U
  4. Excel shortcuts merge Cells
    PC Mac
    Alt+H+M+M N/A
  5. Excel shortcuts for SUM
    PC Mac
    Alt+++= cmd ⌘+Shift⇧+T

These shortcuts are the most used ones in Excel application but there are many others that you can play with. Here is more than 50+ Excel Shortcuts Keys in PDF for Windows and MAC systems.

Also you can create your owns with the macros recorder. For more information you can check our tutorial about How to create a macro in Excel?

And there you have it, now you know the most used Excel shortcuts to save your time easy, fast and efficient, isn’t it?
You have everything in one place in this PDF file.

Now it’s your turn… Do you know other useful shortcuts to save time on Excel? Share them in comments with our community. And if you liked this tutorial share it with your friends on Facebook.
We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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