Excel Function : MINIFS

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Excel Function : MINIFS




Returns the minimum value among cells specified by a given set of conditions or criteria.

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Syntax and Description of the MINIFS Excel Function

I am trying to get the syntax of the MINIFS excel function using VBA in Excel. I have managed to get the syntax of other functions using the following: Application.MacroOptions Macro:="function", Description:=, Category:= _ , HasShortcutKey:=False, StatusBar:="True", ShortcutKey:="" But this doesn't work with MINIFS. Does anybody know how I can get the syntax of MINIFS? A: Here's a function that will return the syntax of a function as a string: Public Function Syntax(ByVal fx As String

About MINIFS Excel Function

The MINIFS function returns the minimum value in a data set based on multiple criteria. The function searches for the smallest value that is greater than or equal to a specified value in a data set, and then returns the value that is associated with that position in the data set.