Excel Function : AMORDEGRC

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Excel Function : AMORDEGRC




Returns the depreciation for each accounting period by using a depreciation coefficient

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Syntax and Description of the AMORDEGRC Excel Function

The syntax for the AMORDEGRC function in Microsoft Excel is: =AMORDEGRC(cost, date_purchased, salvage, life, period, rate, [basis]) Arguments cost - The cost of the asset. date_purchased - The date the asset was purchased. salvage - The value of the asset at the end of its life. life - The number of periods over which the asset is being depreciated. period - The period for which you want to calculate the depreciation. Period must use the same units as life. rate - The rate of depreciation. basis - The type of

About AMORDEGRC Excel Function

The AMORDEGRC function returns the depreciation for an asset for each period, including partial periods, using the double-declining balance method or some other method you specify. AMORDEGRC(cost,date_purchased,first_period,salvage,period,rate,basis) cost: The initial cost of the asset. date_purchased: The date the asset was purchased. first_period: The date of the first period. salvage: The value at the end of the depreciation (sometimes called the salvage value of the asset). period: The total number of periods over which the asset is being depreciated (sometimes called the life of