Excel Function : SKEW.P

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Excel Function : SKEW.P




Returns the skewness of a distribution based on a population: a characterization of the degree of asymmetry of a distribution around its mean

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Syntax and Description of the SKEW.P Excel Function

syntax skew.p skew.p function syntax 1. SKEW.P(array) skew.p function syntax has the following arguments. array Required. The array or cell range of data for which you want to calculate skewness. skew.p excel function syntax 2. SKEW.P(data_set) The SKEW.P function syntax has the following arguments: data_set Required. The data set for which you want to calculate skewness. SKEW.P function syntax and examples A B C D 1 Number Number Number Number 2 2.5 -0.5

About SKEW.P Excel Function

SKEW.P is an Excel function that calculates the skewness of a data set. The function returns a value that indicates how skewed the data is. A data set is skewed if it is not symmetrical. A data set is symmetrical if it has no skewness.