Excel Function : MUNIT

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Excel Function : MUNIT


Math and trigonometry


Returns the unit matrix or the specified dimension

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Syntax and Description of the MUNIT Excel Function

I am trying to use MUNIT in excel and i am stuck with the syntax I want to use the following expression in excel =MUNIT(IF(C4=4;F4;0);C3;F3;F4;F2) but i can't get the syntax correct. I have tried the following =MUNIT(IF(C4==4);F4;0);C3;F3;F4;F2) but it isn't working. Can someone help me with the correct syntax.

About MUNIT Excel Function

MUNIT is a function that multiplies a number by a unit. For example, if you have a number in inches and you want to convert it to feet, you would use the MUNIT function. The syntax for the MUNIT function is as follows: MUNIT(number, unit) where number is the number to be multiplied and unit is the unit to be multiplied by.