Excel Function : FLOOR.MATH

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Excel Function : FLOOR.MATH


Math and trigonometry


Rounds a number down, to the nearest integer or to the nearest multiple of significance

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Syntax and Description of the FLOOR.MATH Excel Function

syntax FLOOR.MATH. How to use the Excel FLOOR function | Exceljet Microsoft Excel: How to Use the FLOOR Function (WS) - Vertex42 The FLOOR Function in Excel The FLOOR Function in Excel is used to return the value that is less than or equal to the number entered by the user and is nearest to zero.Use the function to round down to the nearest integer, or multiple of a number. The syntax for the FLOOR function in Microsoft Excel is: FLOOR( number, [significance] ) Parameters or Arguments number The number that you wish to round. The Excel FLOOR Function - Excel

About FLOOR.MATH Excel Function

FLOOR.MATH rounds a number down, to the nearest integer or multiple of significance.