Excel Function : BETA.INV

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Excel Function : BETA.INV




Returns the inverse of the cumulative distribution function for a specified beta distribution

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Syntax and Description of the BETA.INV Excel Function

The syntax for the BETA.INV excel function is: BETA.INV(x, alpha, beta, [a], [b]) Arguments The function takes the following arguments: X - The value at which to evaluate the function. alpha - The first alpha parameter. beta - The second beta parameter. [a] - The lower limit of the beta distribution. [b] - The upper limit of the beta distribution. Return Value The BETA.INV function returns the value of the inverse beta distribution for the given arguments. Example You can use the BETA.INV function to find

About BETA.INV Excel Function

The BETA.INV function returns the inverse of the Cumulative Beta Probability Density Function for a supplied probability.