Excel Function : Z.TEST

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Excel Function : Z.TEST




Returns the one-tailed probability-value of a z-test

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Syntax and Description of the Z.TEST Excel Function

syntax Z.TEST(value, values, [percent]) syntax error Z.TEST(TRANSPOSE(A1:A6), TRANSPOSE(A11:A16), [percent]) syntax error Z.TEST(TRANSPOSE(A1:A6), TRANSPOSE(A11:A16)) Note that you can use the TRANSPOSE function to rotate a vertical array to a horizontal array, or vice versa. This technique is useful when your data is arranged in a column or row, and you need to rotate it to the other orientation. Customizing the percentages By default, the Z.TEST function displays the percentage of values that are greater than

About Z.TEST Excel Function

The Z.TEST function returns the one-tailed probability-value of a z-test.