Excel Function : VAR.S

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Excel Function : VAR.S




Estimates variance based on a sample

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Syntax and Description of the VAR.S Excel Function

from R I need to use the syntax VAR.S in a function in R, but I can't find a way. Is there any way to do it? I have a reference table with 3 columns and many rows, like this one: Year Country Value 2008 USA 100 2009 USA 110 2010 USA 125 2008 UK 130 2009 UK 140 2010 UK 150 I need to calculate the variance of the Value column, divided by the number of observations. In Excel I would use the VAR.S function, but I don

About VAR.S Excel Function

The VAR.S function returns the variance of a sample based on the population variance. The variance is calculated by using the following equation: VAR.S(number1,number2,...) number1, number2, ... are 1 to 255 numbers for which you want to calculate the variance.