Excel Function : RECEIVED

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Excel Function : RECEIVED




Returns the amount received at maturity for a fully invested security

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Syntax and Description of the RECEIVED Excel Function

in vba I need help in getting the syntax of RECEIVED excel function in vba. I want to use this function in vba code. Can anyone tell me whether this function is available in VBA? If yes, can anyone share the syntax of the same. A: As you can see on the Microsoft page, the syntax looks like this: RECEIVED(settlement, maturity, rate, pr, redemption, frequency, [basis]) You can use it in VBA just like any other worksheet function: Dim result As Double result = WorksheetFunction.Received(...)

About RECEIVED Excel Function

RECEIVED(reference, [a1, a2, ...]) Returns the number of cells that contain data in the reference. Data can be text, numbers, or logical values. Blank and empty cells are ignored.