Excel Function : PRICEMAT

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Excel Function : PRICEMAT




Returns the price per $100 face value of a security that pays interest at maturity

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Syntax and Description of the PRICEMAT Excel Function

syntax.xlsx 2. Read the PRICEMAT syntax to better understand the syntax of the PRICEMAT function. 3. The inputs to the PRICEMAT function are: • Current Price – Price of the underlying asset at time of expiration. • Strike Price – Price of the underlying asset at which the option expires. • Interest Rate – Interest rate used to discount the option price. • Volatility – Volatility of the underlying asset. • Time to Expiration – Time until the option expires. 4. The outputs of the PRICEMAT function are: • Value of the call option – Value of the call option at time

About PRICEMAT Excel Function

The PRICEMAT function is used to calculate the price of a security with a given maturity date and yield. The function takes as inputs the security's maturity date, yield, and settlement date, and returns the price of the security.