Excel Function : POISSON.DIST

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Excel Function : POISSON.DIST




Returns the Poisson distribution

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Syntax and Description of the POISSON.DIST Excel Function

The syntax for the POISSON.DIST function in Microsoft Excel is: POISSON.DIST( x, mean, cumulative ) Where: x – The number of events. mean – The expected number of events. cumulative – A logical value that determines the form of the function. If cumulative is TRUE, POISSON.DIST returns the cumulative Poisson probability that the number of random events observed in a given interval will be between 0 and x inclusive; if FALSE, it returns the Poisson probability mass function that the number of events observed in a given interval is exactly x. Example: Suppose we have a Poisson distribution with a mean

About POISSON.DIST Excel Function

The POISSON.DIST function returns the probability that there are a given number of events, x, in a given time period, t, when the average number of events in that period is known, λ (lambda).