Excel Function : PERCENTRANK.INC

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Excel Function : PERCENTRANK.INC




Returns the percentage rank of a value in a data set

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Syntax and Description of the PERCENTRANK.INC Excel Function

The PERCENTRANK.INC function syntax is as follows: PERCENTRANK.INC(array, x, [significance]) The PERCENTRANK.INC function syntax has the following arguments: Array Required. The array or cell range of data that defines relative standing. X Required. The value at which the percentile is calculated. Significance Optional. The number of significance digits for the returned percentage. The significance must be an integer between 1 and 14. By default, the significance is 2.

About PERCENTRANK.INC Excel Function

The PERCENTRANK.INC function in Excel calculates the percentile rank of a value in a data set, based on a given interval. The function uses the following syntax: PERCENTRANK.INC(array, x, significance) Where array is the data set, x is the value for which you want to calculate the percentile rank, and significance is the number of intervals into which the data set is divided.