Excel Function : OCT2BIN

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Excel Function : OCT2BIN




Converts an octal number to binary

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Syntax and Description of the OCT2BIN Excel Function

syntax OCT2BIN(number, places) The OCT2BIN function syntax has the following arguments: number Required. Is the number to convert. Can be any value greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 377 octal. places Required. Is the number of characters to use. If places is not a whole number, it is rounded down to the nearest whole number. Remarks The OCT2BIN function returns a string of 8 or fewer characters in length. If place is greater than 8, OCT2BIN returns the #NUM! error value. If number is negative, OCT2BIN returns the #NUM! error value.

About OCT2BIN Excel Function

The OCT2BIN function converts octal numbers to binary numbers.