Excel Function : NOT

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Excel Function : NOT




Reverses the logic of its argument

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Syntax and Description of the NOT Excel Function

I have a sheet which contains a lot of values in a table but one of the columns is calculated. The calculation works fine and the formula is copied to the other cells. The problem is that I don't want a formula in the cell I want just the result of the calculation. How can I create a function which can do that for me? The formula is: =IF(B5>=0.01,IF(B5<=0.02,0.1*D5*B5,IF(B5>0.02,0.1*D5*0.02,0)),0) Thank you! A: You can use the

About NOT Excel Function

The NOT function in Excel is used to reverse the logical value of its argument. For example, if a cell contains the logical value TRUE, the NOT function will return the value FALSE.