Excel Function : LOGEST

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Excel Function : LOGEST




Returns the parameters of an exponential trend

Microsoft Excel Reference Page


Syntax and Description of the LOGEST Excel Function

According to Microsoft, the syntax for the LOGEST function is as follows: LOGEST(known_y’s, known_x’s, const, stats) Where: known_y’s – The set of y-values for which you want to predict y-values. known_x’s – The set of x-values that you already know in relation to the known_y’s const – A logical value that specifies whether to force the constant b to 0. stats – A logical value that specifies whether to return additional regression statistics.

About LOGEST Excel Function

LOGEST is an Excel function used to calculate an exponential curve that best fits your data, and returns an array of coefficients that describe the curve. The function can be used to predict future values, based on the values you already have.