Excel Function : KURT

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Excel Function : KURT




Returns the kurtosis of a data set

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Syntax and Description of the KURT Excel Function

in a few simple steps. Steps to Get Syntax of KURT Function in Excel Step 1: Open a blank workbook in Excel. Step 2: Press = (Equal Sign) key on the keyboard to activate the formula bar. Step 3: Type the =KURT( without any cell reference. Step 4: Then, click the function name KURT in the list that appears. As soon as you click the function name KURT in the list, the syntax of the function appears in the formula bar as shown below. As you can see in the above image, the syntax of the KURT function is =KURT

About KURT Excel Function

The KURT function returns the kurtosis of a data set. Kurtosis is a measure of the peakedness of a distribution. A distribution with a high kurtosis is more peaked than a distribution with a low kurtosis.