Excel Function : JIS

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Excel Function : JIS




Changes half-width (single-byte) characters within a string to full-width (double-byte) characters

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Syntax and Description of the JIS Excel Function

vba I am trying to use the following code to get the syntax of an excel function. Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso "ShowFunctionTooltips" if I use the above code then I get the syntax of the function (like ABS, AND, OR, SIN, COS, TAN, etc) but I want to get the syntax of the Japanese function (like ROUND, ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, etc) I have tried Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso "ShowFunctionTooltipsJIS" but don't get any syntax. Please can anyone help me how can I get

About JIS Excel Function

The JIS function returns the Japan Industrial Standard code for a given reference. This function is typically used to look up the JIS code for a given material or component.