Excel Function : INTRATE

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Excel Function : INTRATE




Returns the interest rate for a fully invested security

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Syntax and Description of the INTRATE Excel Function

The syntax for the INTRATE function in Microsoft Excel is: INTRATE(settlement, maturity, investment, redemption, [basis]) The settlement and maturity parameters are the dates of the loan settlement and maturity, respectively. The investment and redemption parameters are the amounts invested and redeemed, respectively. The basis parameter is optional and specifies the type of day count basis to use.

About INTRATE Excel Function

INTRATE returns the interest rate for a fully invested security. The security must have constant payments and a known future value. INTRATE uses the following arguments: Nper (required argument) – The total number of payment periods. Pv (required argument) – The present value of the security. Fv (required argument) – The future value of the security. Type (optional argument) – The number 0 or 1 and indicates when payments are due: 0 or omitted At the end of the period 1 At the beginning of the period