Excel Function : IMSECH

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Excel Function : IMSECH




Returns the hyperbolic secant of a complex number

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Syntax and Description of the IMSECH Excel Function

IMSECH is used to get the security of an asset purchased by an investor as a single premium insurance policy. The IMSECH function is used as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel. It can be entered as part of a formula in a cell of a worksheet. The syntax of the function is: =IMSECH (insurance_premium, security_rate, security_period) The arguments of the function are as follows: insurance_premium: The single premium insurance paid by the investor. security_rate: The security rate at the time of purchase of the policy. security_period: The security period. The security period is the number of months the security is available to the investor. The IMSECH function

About IMSECH Excel Function

IMSECH is an excel function that calculates the inverse matrix of a given matrix.