Excel Function : IMEXP

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Excel Function : IMEXP




Returns the exponential of a complex number

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Syntax and Description of the IMEXP Excel Function

I'm trying to use the IMEXP function in Excel to export a worksheet as a text file. I've found the syntax on the Microsoft site: IMEXP(file_path, file_name, [sheet], [start_cell], [end_cell], [export_type], [text_qualifier], [field_delimiter], [row_delimiter], [encoding]) I'm not sure what to use for the [sheet] parameter. The worksheet I want to export is named Sheet1. I tried Sheet1, but that didn't work. I also tried

About IMEXP Excel Function

IMEXP(file, [type]) The IMEXP function imports data from an external file. file is a string that specifies the name and path of the file to import. type is an optional string that specifies the file type. If omitted, the file type is determined from the file extension. The file type must be one of the following: -CSV: Comma-separated values -DBF: dBase file -TXT: Text file -XLS: Microsoft Excel file -XLSB: Microsoft Excel binary file -XLSX: Microsoft Excel XML file