Excel Function : HYPGEOMDIST

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Excel Function : HYPGEOMDIST




Returns the hypergeometric distribution

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Syntax and Description of the HYPGEOMDIST Excel Function

, and it is working fine for me. Here is my code: Sub test() Dim NumberOfSuccesses As Integer NumberOfSuccesses = Range("I5").Value Dim SampleSpace As Integer SampleSpace = Range("I6").Value Dim NumberOfSuccessesInSample As Integer NumberOfSuccessesInSample = Range("I7").Value Dim p As Double p = Range("I8").Value Dim q As Double q = Range("I9").Value Worksheets("Sheet1").Activate Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Select Dim x1 As Integer x1 = Range("I10").Value Dim x2 As Integer x2 = Range("I11").Value

About HYPGEOMDIST Excel Function

The HYPGEOMDIST function returns the hypergeometric distribution. For example, if you have a sample data set of 100 elements, and you want to know the probability of having 60 or more successes (a success is defined as an element that meets a specified criterion), you would use the HYPGEOMDIST function.