Excel Function : HYPGEOM.DIST

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Excel Function : HYPGEOM.DIST




Returns the hypergeometric distribution

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Syntax and Description of the HYPGEOM.DIST Excel Function

in python I have a excel function HYPGEOM.DIST(sample_s, number_sample, population_s, number_population, False) which I am trying to get in python. Sample_s, number_sample, population_s, number_population are variables. I am trying to get the same output with this python code: from scipy import stats z = stats.hypergeom(population_s, number_population, number_sample) print(z.sf(sample_s - 1)) but I am not getting the same output. A: I don't think

About HYPGEOM.DIST Excel Function

The HYPGEOM.DIST function returns the hypergeometric distribution. For example, if you have a deck of cards and draw five cards, the function can calculate the probability of drawing exactly two hearts.