Excel Function : FORECAST.ETS.STAT

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Excel Function : FORECAST.ETS.STAT




Returns a statistical value as a result of time series forecasting

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Syntax and Description of the FORECAST.ETS.STAT Excel Function

The syntax for the FORECAST.ETS.STAT function in Microsoft Excel is: FORECAST.ETS.STAT( known_y's, known_x's, new_x's, [stat], [seasonality], [data_completion], [aggregation] ) The FORECAST.ETS.STAT function returns a statistical forecast for a future value based on historical data. The function uses an exponential smoothing model to make predictions. Arguments known_y's - The historical data that you want to use to predict future values. This data can be in the form of a range of cells or an array. known_x's - The historical data that

About FORECAST.ETS.STAT Excel Function

The FORECAST.ETS.STAT function returns a forecast based on the exponential smoothing method with seasonal variations.