Excel Function : F.DIST.RT

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Excel Function : F.DIST.RT




Returns the F probability distribution

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Syntax and Description of the F.DIST.RT Excel Function

The syntax for the Excel F.DIST function is: F.DIST( x, degrees_freedom1, degrees_freedom2, cumulative ) Arguments x– The value for which you want the distribution. degrees_freedom1– The numerator degrees of freedom. degrees_freedom2– The denominator degrees of freedom. cumulative– A logical value that indicates whether to return the cumulative distribution function or the probability mass function. F.DIST function returns the value of the F cumulative distribution function with degrees of freedom numerator and denominator at a specified value of x. For example, if you want to know how likely it is to

About F.DIST.RT Excel Function

F.DIST.RT is an excel function that returns the F probability distribution. You can use this function to determine whether two data sets have different variance.