Excel Function : ERFC.PRECISE

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Excel Function : ERFC.PRECISE




Returns the complementary ERF function integrated between x and infinity

Microsoft Excel Reference Page


Syntax and Description of the ERFC.PRECISE Excel Function

syntax The syntax for the ERFC.PRECISE function in Microsoft Excel is: ERFC.PRECISE( number ) number - The number for which you want the complementary error function. Returns the complementary error function of a number. Example ERFC.PRECISE( 0.5 ) returns 0.479500122 ERFC.PRECISE( 1 ) returns 0.1572992070 ERFC.PRECISE( 2 ) returns 0.00467773498 The ERFC.PRECISE function is a built-in function in Microsoft Excel that is categorized as a Statistical Function. It can be used as a works

About ERFC.PRECISE Excel Function

The ERFC.PRECISE function returns the complementary error function of a number. The complementary error function is the area under the standard normal curve from x to infinity.