Excel Function : DVAR

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Excel Function : DVAR




Estimates variance based on a sample from selected database entries

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Syntax and Description of the DVAR Excel Function

I am using the following syntax for the DVAR Excel Function and I am getting a #NAME? error: =DVAR(A1:A50,0,1,1) I have done some research and tried to update the syntax for the DVAR function using the following syntax but I am still getting a #NAME? error: =DVAR("A1:A50,0,1,1") Does anyone have any ideas as to why I am getting a #NAME? error? Thank you in advance. A: You are missing a ")", I think that's the problem.

About DVAR Excel Function

The DVAR function in Excel calculates the variance of a set of data based on a sample size. The function uses the following syntax: DVAR(data,sample size) For example, if you have a set of data in cells A1 to A5, and you want to calculate the variance of that data set using a sample size of 3, you would use the following function: =DVAR(A1:A5,3)