Excel Function : DOLLARFR

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Excel Function : DOLLARFR




Converts a dollar price, expressed as a decimal number, into a dollar price, expressed as a fraction

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Syntax and Description of the DOLLARFR Excel Function

, is an open-source function, which can be downloaded and used by anyone. The syntax DOLLARFR is not case-sensitive, but the syntax $ is case-sensitive. The syntax DOLLARFR returns the dollar-denominated exchange rate for an amount in foreign currency. The syntax DOLLARFR is a VBA function, which can be executed from a VBA code or used in a worksheet cell. The syntax DOLLARFR has the following arguments: Dollar (required argument) – A number for which we want to calculate the exchange rate. The number must be greater than or equal to 0. Currency (required argument) – The currency for which we want

About DOLLARFR Excel Function

The DOLLARFR function converts a dollar price that includes French francs into a dollar price that excludes French francs.