Excel Function : DBCS

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Excel Function : DBCS




Changes half-width (single-byte) English letters or katakana within a character string to full-width (double-byte) characters

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Syntax and Description of the DBCS Excel Function

syntax argument is required. get syntax DBCS The syntax of the get syntax DBCS function is as follows: =get syntax DBCS(cell_reference) The get syntax DBCS function has only one argument, which is required. cell_reference - The cell reference or range that contains the text string whose DBCS characters are to be counted. get syntax DBCS example For example, to count the number of DBCS characters in cell A1, you can use the following formula: =get syntax DBCS(A1) The results are as follows: In the example, there are three DBC

About DBCS Excel Function

The DBCS function is used to convert a string from one double-byte character set (DBCS) to another.