Excel Function : COUPNUM

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Excel Function : COUPNUM




Returns the number of coupons payable between the settlement date and maturity date

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Syntax and Description of the COUPNUM Excel Function

The syntax for the COUPNUM function in Microsoft Excel is: COUPNUM(settlement, maturity, rate, pr, [basis]) Parameters or Arguments settlement The settlement date of the security. maturity The maturity date of the security. rate The coupon rate. pr The price per $100 face value. basis Optional. The type of day counting method to use. Basis Day-counting method 0 or omitted US (NASD) 30/360 1 Actual/actual 2 Actual/360 3 Actual/365 4 European 30/360 Notes:

About COUPNUM Excel Function

COUPNUM(settlement, maturity, frequency, [basis]) The COUPNUM function returns the number of coupons to be paid between the settlement and maturity dates.