Excel Function : COUPNCD

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Excel Function : COUPNCD




Returns the next coupon date after the settlement date

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Syntax and Description of the COUPNCD Excel Function

I am trying to use the COUPNCD Excel function but cannot find a syntax for it. I am trying to do a simple yield to maturity calculation for a bond, but the COUPNCD function doesn't seem to work. Anyone have a syntax for it? A: It is a simple formula. COUPNCD(settlement date,maturity date,frequency,basis) Where settlement date is the date that you purchase the bond maturity date is the date that the bond matures frequency is how often

About COUPNCD Excel Function

COUPNCD(settlement, maturity, frequency, [basis], [calc_method]) The COUPNCD function syntax has the following arguments: Settlement Required. The security's settlement date. The settlement date must be entered as a date value. Maturity Required. The security's maturity date. The maturity date must be entered as a date value. Frequency Required. The number of coupon payments per year. Basis Optional. The type of day count basis to use. Calc_method Optional. A number that specifies the type of price to return. The COUPNCD function returns the next coupon payment date after the settlement date.