Excel Function : COMBINA

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Excel Function : COMBINA


Math and trigonometry


Returns the number of combinations with repetitions for a given number of items

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Syntax and Description of the COMBINA Excel Function

I am trying to combine two cells into one cell that is a number. This is what I am trying: =COMBINA(A1,B1) However, I am getting this error:

COMBINA function is not defined as a function or macro

Any suggestions? A: COMBINA was introduced with office 365 and is not available in older versions. See Microsoft documentation for more information.

About COMBINA Excel Function

The COMBINA function returns the number of combinations for a given number of items. For example, if you have six items and you want to know how many different combinations of two items you can have, you would use the COMBINA function like this: =COMBINA(6,2) This would return 15, because there are 15 different combinations of two items that can be taken from a set of six items.