Excel Function : CEILING.PRECISE

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Excel Function : CEILING.PRECISE


Math and trigonometry


Rounds a number the nearest integer or to the nearest multiple of significance. Regardless of the sign of the number, the number is rounded up.

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Syntax and Description of the CEILING.PRECISE Excel Function

error I am getting error while using the CEILING.PRECISE function in excel. It is giving me syntax error, while I am using the function according to the syntax as mentioned in the microsoft office website. A: CEILING.PRECISE is available in Office 365 only. If you are using Office 365, check if you have the latest version and then try using the function.

About CEILING.PRECISE Excel Function

CEILING.PRECISE rounds a number up to the nearest number with a specific precision. For example, if precision is set to 2, then CEILING.PRECISE will round up to the nearest 100th.